The Happy Prince, and Other Tales


The Happy Prince, and Other Tales is a collection of fairy tales written by Oscar Wilde. The collection includes “The Happy Prince,” “The Nightingale and the Rose,” “The Selfish Giant,” “The Devoted Friend,” and “The Remarkable Rocket.”

The stories in this collection are known for their wit, charm, and moral lesson. They are not just for children but also for adults, as they convey deeper meanings through their symbolic and metaphorical language.

“The Happy Prince” is one of the most famous and enduring tales in the collection, and is a heartwarming story about a statue who sacrifices everything to help the poor.

Reading “The Happy Prince, and Other Tales” will be a delightful experience and will provide you with a glimpse into the imagination of one of the greatest literary minds of the late 19th century. Additionally, the book will help you understand the way of thinking of a Victorian era person and the culture of the time.

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