Second Treatise of Government


The Second Treatise of Government is a political treatise written by John Locke in the late 17th century. The treatise is one of the key texts of the Enlightenment and is considered one of the most influential works of political philosophy in the Western tradition. It outlines Locke’s ideas about the nature of government, the rights and duties of citizens, and the concept of property.

There are several reasons why one might choose to read the Second Treatise of Government. First, the treatise is an important and influential work of political thought that has had a significant impact on the development of modern democratic societies. It is also a well-written and thought-provoking work that offers a detailed and nuanced analysis of key concepts such as the social contract, the state of nature, and natural rights. Additionally, reading the Second Treatise of Government can be a rewarding and enlightening way to learn about the foundations of modern political thought and to think more deeply about the nature of government and the role of the individual in society.

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